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Posted by WillieCorley - December 4th, 2019

This site means a lot to me, so I'm glad I finally can help it as a subscriber. I want to make Newgrounds my primary social media outlet in 2020 because I am disgusted with the current state of mainstream social media. I'm confident this website will have a major revival in popularity next decade, though I hope they eventually loosen up policies to allow videos that aren't animation. A lot of people are looking for a website to upload their original content and Newgrounds would be a great place for all original video content by independent creators. If someone makes a terrible vlog, the community could just blam it when it's under judgement. Love you, Newgrounds.


Posted by WillieCorley - November 9th, 2019

I've never uploaded content to this website and that really bothers me. I want to change that in 2020. Also not sure if I want to stick with W-A-C as my username here. I might change it next year, though I do like maintaining my recognizability.

Posted by WillieCorley - April 29th, 2017

I should've tried creating flash animations, make considerably more reviews, and play a larger part in the Newgrounds community. But I didn't out of laziness. Oh well...

On a different note, the massive amount of flashes that are unavailable to watch right now because of new strict policies regarding copyrighted music is super depressing. So much content I loved as a teenager are now unavailable for viewing. Also not too fond of the reduced customization for profiles. I liked organizing my favorites and I hate that I can't do that anymore. ;_; I also wish the NG staff never removed the option of viewing flashes in pop-up windows, especially since that used to be the only way to view flash movies on the site.

Posted by WillieCorley - August 17th, 2010

I just found out a flash game called Redhead Titfuck XXX Adult is the second highest rated flash on Newgrounds and is the only flash from '07 that's in the top 100. FYI, it released within two months after the release of Waterlollies and yet that Adam Philips flash is .09 smaller in score to that shitty redhead hentai game which has an excessive amount of tweens. To make matters even worse, number five in the portal is a hentai flash game involving Krystal the Fox from the Star Fox games. Newgrounds is fucking hopeless when it comes to their idiotic voters. ._.

Newgrounds voters have no fucking taste.

Posted by WillieCorley - February 22nd, 2008

I created a thread about Bush's approval rating on the politics board and got banned for it. Here's a replica of the topic:



His approval rating was 34% last month with it continuously going up but I guess the economy problems caught up with him


Was the topic really worth banning me over? How did the topic break any forums rules and how the heck was it a spam topic? No wonder everyone here complains about the quality of moderation. Some of the moderators here really suck.

This is why everyone bitches about the moderators.

Posted by WillieCorley - January 10th, 2008

10 - About as good as it gets.
9 - Excellent.
8 - Great.
7 - Good.
6 - About average but not exactly "good".
5 - Average/mediocre/decent.
4 - Below average.
3 - Really really bad.
2 - Absolutely horrible.
1 - About as bad as it gets.
0 - Bottom of the barrel. I usually hand these out when something excels in barely any effort.

Graphics: Animation, art, and effects come into play when I review a flash's graphics.

Style: Just because something looks good doesn't mean it doesn't look generic. Style can really boost up a flash's overall score when a flash doesn't look that great.

Sound: My score for sound varies. I have a very picky taste in music so I can be rather harsh when I'm scoring sound. If the music in a flash is custom made for the specific flash I'm reviewing, I'm usually a lot more generous when I score sound. When the voice acting in a flash is very good, that usually boosts up the score I give in the sound department. When the voice acting in a flash is really bad or when a flash lacks necessary voice acting, it tends to hurt the score. When the sound effects are solid, it often helps the score. It should be noted that my score for sound sometimes doesn't effect a flash movie's overall score by much.

Writing: The score I give towards writing can be very important to a flash's overall score. If a flash is well scripted (or well structured) or has a solid story, the score I give for writing can often help a flash's overall score by a lot. I sometimes hand "N/A"s out when I can't really score the writing aspect of a flash very well. If I hand out an N/A, the review will explain the reason why. FYI, "N/A"s don't effect a flash's overall score.

Entertainment Value: This is a very important rating. If your flash does a lot of things right but is an absolute bore, the score I give for entertainment value can be devastating to a flash's overall score.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment. Also, please ignore my one audio review. I had no taste in music when I wrote that review. I'd also like to mention that in the past, I lost a few reviews thanks to flash deletions.