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Posted by WillieCorley - 1 month ago

Do you ever evaluate your life, look at your love of consumerism, and question if your values suck? That's how I feel right now. I don't like a lot of decisions I made in my life as a byproduct of my love for consumerism. If consumerism was so great, then why are so many people so miserable despite having more options for entertainment than ever before?

I'm a very unhappy human being. I was not happy before the pandemic, but suicide has been on my mind nearly every day throughout the pandemic. I hate the world we live in right now. The more I think critically about the current state of society, the more I hate being alive. It has lead to me embracing addictions as a means to cope with my mental deterioration as a person.

Much of what I used to believe in do not represent my current values anymore. Today is the first time I decided to not vote in my adulthood and that has really messed with my mindset, but it was largely because all of the candidates who ran for office suck. Trying to find a candidate who somewhat represents my values in the 2022 California primary election was like trying to find a gem in a pile of shit. There is no gem in that pile of shit, it's just a pile of shit.

The other day when I woke up, my mom was listening to random songs and the song If It Makes You Happy by Sheryl Crow came on. Hearing the line, "If it makes you happy, then why the hell are you so sad?" hit me hard. I feel like much of what I do is an attempt to bring some sort of happiness to my life, but lately, nothing really does that anymore. I'm extremely miserable and unhappy. I got much of what I wanted in life when it comes to consumerism, but yet I don't like my life. My material objects and consumerist habits I have embraced for much of my life do not make me happy. Part of me wants to fully reject consumerism and start over as a person. Just completely reboot my life and my identity.

Lately my my YouTube channel has been doing well, but a lot of content I made for it is a byproduct of consumerism. I played a lot of video games in my lifetime as a byproduct of addiction. Gaming doesn't really make me happy anymore, especially competitive gaming. Trying to be competitive at a video game often makes me angry because I want to be exceptional at games to justify 25 years of video game addiction, but I'm often pissed off that I'm not better at video games. I find it kind of sad and pathetic.

I also can't concentrate well anymore. The pandemic lifestyle is not working well for me because I have attention deficit disorder. To be able to get work done, often times I need to be in an environment with minimal distractions. Living in a tiny house with parents and a ton of cats is not an environment with minimal distractions. Part of why I used to do so well in college is because I would spend much of my time studying books and notes for classes in a campus library. I excel in academic environments, but the cost of education is way too high. My failed attempt to finish my education at a university destroyed me financially to the point where I had to stand in line at food banks in my late twenties. Sometimes I yell at a cat because I'll be trying my best to concentrate, then I hear a meow and my thoughts become scrambled. My ability to deep focus has gone to shit and I frequently feel like my brain does not work well anymore. It's awful and I feel like a former shell of my old self.

I have also become way less social during the pandemic and that has negatively impacted my mental health. A lot of my friends moved further away from me or they currently live in situations that make it more difficult to hang out. I had a vibrant social life for much of my twenties, but nowadays, I'm usually isolated at my home with my parents. I don't like how this pandemic has negatively impacted my life or the life of my friends. I'm frequently depressed and miserable over the current state of my life. I also haven't been invited to a party in over two years, which has made me extremely nostalgic for a time period of my life when I embraced a lot of self destructive behavior at parties.

Life just doesn't seem fun anymore. There was a brief period of time at age 32 when I felt some happiness, but it was short lived and partially a byproduct of me indulging in alcohol for a few weeks. Prior to that, I went 23 months without alcohol to prove to myself that I am not an alcoholic. I don't view myself as an alcoholic because of self control, yet it seems like when I avoid it for long periods of time, I become extremely unhappy. At the same time, my body does not handle alcohol well compared to when I was in my twenties. Even if I only have two drinks, I often feel horrible the next day. I hate getting older and don't look forward to the future. I have tried my best to be optimistic about the future, but my brain will not allow me to happy. Maybe I should try a dopamine detox? Doing that worked well for some people.




Posted by WillieCorley - January 23rd, 2022

I hope everyone here has a super lovely day. I'm quite happy with my my entry for Pixel Day 2022. I look forward to seeing creations by other users on this wonderful website today. ^_^



Posted by WillieCorley - December 20th, 2021

So I have been quiet on this platform in 2021. It's largely because the type of content I wanted to make in 2021 did not work well for Newgrounds. Maybe 2022 will be different. I tried being more active on YouTube and Twitch this year, but I was disappointed in the outcome of my content. Viewership with my previous two Twitch streams was poor. I got less than one viewer on average for my fourth and fifth speedrun livestreams on Twitch. I have also noticed as of late that the para-social aspects of Twitch are really creepy. Like to the point where I question if it's even worth it to continue using Twitch as a platform. If I make the decision to quit using Twitch, then I can focus more on my YouTube and Newgrounds accounts.


Posted by WillieCorley - December 30th, 2020

It has been awhile since I made a blog post on here. Most of my plans for 2020 were destroyed by the pandemic, but I'm trying to make the best of a bad situation. Pixel Day 2021 will take place on January 23rd, 2021. In celebration of that event, I'm working on a new pixel art project. I recently took a photo of Little Betty on December 23rd that I wanted to convert into pixel art. Embedded below in this blog post is my current progress on that project. I want it to look super awesome by the time I'm ready to upload the pixel art for Pixel Day 2021. If you enjoy making pixel art, I highly encourage you to participate in the event. Just make sure to use the tag "pixelday2021" for your submission to the art portal.

If you want to follow what else I have been doing on social media, I have a new Twitter account that I mostly use to rant about politics and I recently made an Instagram account that I mostly use to post photos of my favorite cat, Little Betty. I'm also learning how to speedrun Sonic Advance 2, but I currently find it difficult to record footage of my best times for in-game runs. I hope everyone who reads this blog post has an awesome new year. Hopefully 2021 will be a much better year than 2020 for all of us.

-Willie Corley




Posted by WillieCorley - August 21st, 2020

10/5/2020 Edit: I changed the account name from WillieCorleyArt to @TheWillieCorley.

I got locked out of my main Twitter account yesterday, then I made a blog entry on Newgrounds complaining about the situation. I was going to take a break from social media for the rest of the month, but I decided the best thing I can do is grow my alternative account on Twitter in case something like this ever happens again. The biggest lesson I learned from this experience is that I should not rely on one account for Twitter because the website locks people's accounts for the dumbest reasons imaginable.

I changed the Twitter handle of my alternative account to WillieCorleyArt. I will primarily use that Twitter handle for linking art from my Newgrounds account. One of my goals for 2020 is to get a new scanner so I can showcase art I have worked on this year. Once I have a new scanner, expect new art from me. ^_^ I hope everyone here has a super lovely day and thank you for reading this blog post.

-Willie Corley



Posted by WillieCorley - August 20th, 2020

It's insane how random it can be to lose access to an account I have used for 11 years. After using Twitter for so long, I've been uncertain about what I want to do with that platform. I hate so many things about Twitter, but I recognize it's a useful tool for promotion. I was going to delete my Twitter account on July 1st, but changed my mind largely due to drama that took place in the Smash Community. That drama is the most unbelievable shit-show I have ever seen in a video game community that I was part of. I could go into a long rant about my thoughts on what happened, but I'll save that for another time. It's ironic that Twitter's poor moderation was the primary factor into why I was going to leave because of what happened today. I lost contact with followers I liked thanks to Twitter's abysmal moderation system.


Fast fast forward to August, I put a lot of effort into my my Twitter account and gained over 90 followers so far this month. That is a huge jump for my account largely because of the hashtags #NoTulsicratUnder1K and #NoLibertarianUnder1k. I'm vocal on that platform with my support for Tulsi Gabbard as a politician and my support for Libertarian party candidates such as Vermin Supreme and Jo Jorgensen. I also followed people who liked my tweets, which gained me additional followers.


My Twitter account got additional activity today because Vermin Supreme retweeted one of my tweets. This is not the first time he retweeted me, but it got more traffic than previous instances he retweeted me. I followed everyone who liked the tweet, then got locked out of my Twitter account for "automated behavior that violates the Twitter Rules." I can't unlock my account because Twitter wants my cell phone number. Not only do I not have cell phone service, but I wouldn't want to give it to them because they have a history of shady behavior. Twitter should not be trusted with anyone's phone number, yet my account is locked because I won't give them a cell phone number I don't have. My Twitter account now looks shady to viewers because I followed people who liked what I had to say in a tweet.



This puts me in a weird position where I'm very worried about the future of social media. I want to accomplish a lot on Newgrounds in the future, but it will require me to promote my material on other platforms to get the type of traffic I need. There aren't many successful people on Newgrounds who rely entirely on this platform to promote their content. I often share content I like from Newgrounds to other platforms in hopes that it inspires more people to visit this website often.

The downsides to our reliance on very few social media websites has never been more obvious to me than today. I try my best to follow Twitter's guidelines, but Twitter is a website that can trash a person's internet career at random. A good example of this is the website OnlyFans. I personally hate that website because it lacks a good search feature. People who want to make a lot of money through OnlyFans have to rely on other websites to promote their account, which is difficult because very few modern social media websites allow porn. Someone can rely on Twitter to promote their OnlyFans account, then get banned from Twitter and not be able to pay rent during a pandemic when the job market is garbage. It absolutely amazes me a website like OnlyFans is so successful because it forces people to have a strong social media presence on other websites for promotion. It seems like a backwards model for a website, but that's modern social media. Modern social media websites are horribly designed, yet people are reliant on them for promoting their work.

I look at the situation we have with social media and wonder what the fuck are people supposed to do? I tried making an account on a forum the other day and never received an activation email. A lot of websites with an old school mindset are not well maintained and expensive to run. Like if I were to put a lot of effort into a website with good hosting, it would cost me a lot of money. So I rely too much on these social media websites and it screwed me over today. I have no clue when I will be able to access my Twitter account again. If I get cell phone service next year, I am not giving Twitter my phone number. Is my Twitter account I invested over 11 years into now over? I'm just blown away by this situation. I can't even call a phone number for customer service because Twitter doesn't offer that. I have to hope a human being responds to my email about my locked account.

There are also a lot of risks to staying on mainstream social media websites. I have said a lot of edgy things on the internet that would kill some people's careers. The main reason why I previously did not link to my Twitter account on Newgrounds is because I tried to have my Twitter account be somewhat anonymous for awhile because I was paranoid about employers. One of my plans this year was to find a local job, but those plans were ruined by the pandemic. Now I'm at a point where I give less of a fuck about what a potential employer sees on the internet because the economy was ruined by our government. Life seems like an uphill battle right now, so I might as well be transparent about what I think about all of the bullshit going on right now.

The plus side to all of this is that I plan to blog on my Newgrounds account way more often. I was going to wait until I had cool stuff prepared for the website, but I need to buy things I can't afford right now to accomplish some of my goals for this website. So for the rest of this year, I will primarily use Newgrounds as a blog. I hope people here enjoy my future blog entries because losing my Twitter account just freed up a ton of my time for other websites.

-Willie Corley


Posted by WillieCorley - April 17th, 2020

My advice to everyone frustrated by the health pandemic is to take care of your mental health. Currently I'm avoiding a bunch of websites I'm addicted to because they're badly impacting my emotions during this health pandemic. The constant conversations about this pandemic on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Discord have been driving me nuts. Scrolling through feeds on social media are a constant reminder of this horrible virus. Many people I know are impacted by this health pandemic far worse than me, so I'm just fortunate that I have what I currently have in life.

It's okay to be more sensitive than you want to be, especially during a horrible health pandemic. I tried being an emotional brick wall when I was younger, but after two major health collapses in my adulthood before I reached my late twenties, I'm way more sensitive about the state of my life than I used to be. I find it harder to deal with certain type of criticism now compared to five years ago, which isn't good, but at least I'm self-aware it's a problem that I need to fix.

We are all negatively impacted by this horrible virus and I feel compelled to rant about how it negatively impacted my plans for 2020. I still have plans for Newgrounds this year, but much of what I intended to do in 2020 will instead be done in 2021 due to the health pandemic negatively impacting my life. My plan at the beginning of last month (March 2020) was to get a local job so I could save up a bunch of money for creative pursuits, but now I can't do that without putting my health at risk. So with less income, it's going to be a lot longer before I can afford things like a printer, scanner, audio interface, instruments, microphones, and other supplies that would benefit my music, art, and graphic design.

I'm optimistic 2020 will still be a good year for me despite how horrible it started off, but this will be a very different year than many of us expected. I'll give occasional progress reports in the future when I have positive things to report about that have nothing to do with the health pandemic. Right now I'm focused on redesigning my bedroom so it functions more like an office than a standard bedroom. I got a roll-up bed just so I can save a ton of space for my future creative pursuits. I don't have a great track record on accomplishing my goals due to how badly my perfectionism killed a lot of projects in my twenties (example: my cancelled Rayman review), but that won't happen this decade. I have learned a ton from my failures. It's better to release something imperfect than to outright cancel projects.

Biggest obstacle I have to deal with is my 24/7 migraine. I have struggled with a 24/7 migraine for over 11 years. It's a lot better this year compared to 2016-2019, but I'm still suffering in chronic pain. I still have days where I do hardly anything besides suffer laying in bed, but at least I'm nowhere near as bedridden as I was in my late twenties. It just amazes me that when my health improved to where I feel like I'm capable of fixing my life, much of the country gets so sick I'm stuck indoors all the time.

I hope I can eventually create content for Newgrounds that is worth enjoying. My primary goal for Newgrounds this decade is to upload music, art, and animation. I bought a license to use Adobe's programs for a year so I have the software to accomplish my goals. I also brought a light table into my bedroom this month to make animating a lot easier. My dad initially got it 25 years ago back when he did photography for living, so it's nice that I'm able to repurpose it for my needs. Here's a few photos of my kitty Little Betty on my light table.




Thank you to everyone who took the time to read all of this. I wish you all the very best in life.

-Willie Corley



Posted by WillieCorley - December 6th, 2019


Newgrounds will be my primary social media platform for 2020, so a website url I bought this year of my name will redirect to http://williecorley.newgrounds.com/. Looking forward to improving as an artist and showcasing my improvement on this website.


Posted by WillieCorley - December 4th, 2019

This site means a lot to me, so I'm glad I finally can help it as a subscriber. I want to make Newgrounds my primary social media outlet in 2020 because I am disgusted with the current state of mainstream social media. I'm confident this website will have a major revival in popularity next decade, though I hope they eventually loosen up policies to allow videos that aren't animation. A lot of people are looking for a website to upload their original content and Newgrounds would be a great place for all original video content by independent creators. If someone makes a terrible vlog, the community could just blam it when it's under judgement. Love you, Newgrounds.


Posted by WillieCorley - November 9th, 2019

I've never uploaded content to this website and that really bothers me. I want to change that in 2020. Also not sure if I want to stick with W-A-C as my username here. I might change it next year, though I do like maintaining my recognizability.