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This is why everyone bitches about the moderators.

Posted by WillieCorley - February 22nd, 2008

I created a thread about Bush's approval rating on the politics board and got banned for it. Here's a replica of the topic:



His approval rating was 34% last month with it continuously going up but I guess the economy problems caught up with him


Was the topic really worth banning me over? How did the topic break any forums rules and how the heck was it a spam topic? No wonder everyone here complains about the quality of moderation. Some of the moderators here really suck.

This is why everyone bitches about the moderators.

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Whats that you say? Our beloved team of moderators are nothing a bug a haggled groupd of people hand selected for their brown-nosing abilities? That our beloved mods abuse their power and show favoritism?

Are you aware that the sky is blue?

I always knew that some of the mods are biased but I never thought I would get banned for a thread like that. I wish the person who banned me could have at least explained why the thread is "spam".

spam? thats just plain dumb. everyone was probably too busy buried in a "how big is your cock" or "i had my first fight" thread anyway

I think the short lived thread got at least around 12 replies before it was deleted.

Lol, Zekey you are awesome... in other news, how much you wanna bet it was Luis? :3

I wonder who banned me. Whoever did is a shitty mod.

Lol. WHAT?!
I guess the mods have nothing else to do, and have their fun doing stuff like this.

I don't think a mod did this for fun. Whoever banned me probably did it because he or she was stupid enough to think I was spamming.

yeah. even just leavin a review on a flash has become impossible if u leave reviews of constructive criticism cuz they get deleted for nothing..its bullcrap

Indeed. M-Bot is ridiculously strict.

You got banned because who gives a crap aout bush. It doesn't matter how much you whine. Nothing will change but get yourself into B.S!

I just want an explanation from a mod telling me why I was banned for the thread.

fun fact: mods suck.

Not all of the mods on Newgrounds suck but some of them definitely deserve a lousy title. >_>

That's why I avoid making threads, I like post on topics rather than make one.

I shouldn't have to avoid making threads just because some of the mods are ridiculous.