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I feel attacked. LOL Why was this the last episode of Neurotically Yours to get uploaded to Newgrounds that was from the original series?

Some of the reviews on this page provide way more entertainment and humor than the cartoon I just watched. I love the Neurotically Yours series, but this is one of the worst animations I have ever seen from illwillpress. Literally the first episode of Neurotically Yours had better art and animation than this video, which was made in 2002. wtf?

This is the most 2005 flash movie ever. It is a sprite animation using a song by the creators of South Park and an 8bit remix of the Final Fantasy song made by the Legendary Frog. A lot of the sprites came straight from Fireball20xl. This includes the Tails sprite where he looks high AF from drinking magic koolaid and the Dr. Robotnik sprite that originated in the web comic Ruins of the Fourth Wall. Probably the most iconic sprites used in this animation are the dancing banana sprites. Anyone watching this in 2023 who did not experience the internet in the 2000s is missing a lot of context from what a lot of this animation references.

So why am I only giving this a 4/5? Honestly, my nostalgia for this style of content and its niche references are a huge part of why it's getting more than a 3. I don't find anything in this animation particularly funny or original. There were also other sprite animations from around this era of flash animation that had way more effort put into it. (Example: The Rise of the Mushroom Kingdom animations by Randy Solem.) That said, I do find entertainment in watching this and I watched it four times before making this review. I have never seen it before until today, but it reminds me of an era of the internet that I miss.

They are having a whistle orgy. This is the type of entertainment Newgrounds was created for.

Bullying people on the internet was different in 2006.

PowerRangerYELLOW responds:

I remember this movie took me three months to animate.

I was very surprised to see this movie on the front page of NG and it turned out that even Foamy_27 loved it too.

I was expecting foamy_27 to really hate this movie.

I wonder if flash animation bullying still exists.

Thanks for writing.


This was hilarious to watch, but I didn't like the cliffhanger ending. It felt unnecessary.


This is easily the best parody of PS1 horror games I have ever watched. I'm blown away by both its spectacle and humor.

One of the funniest flash movies ever made. Seeing this for the first time in 2005 left such an impact on me that I made a forum signature in 2005 that used four frames of animation from this cartoon when the main character is tilting his head side to side.

Brilliant satire that summed up Trump's last year in office without dialog.

I love Newgrounds. ^_^

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