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I find it difficult to rate the Neurotically Yours cartoon, Drugs in Your Head. The old me would have given this a high score, but who I am now strongly disagrees with rhetoric in this cartoon. Sometimes we become the type of people we used to mock as kids. It's a sign we threw away a lot of old values. That's both good and bad. Some of my old beliefs were terrible. I feel like I am a better person now compared to who I was when I originally watched this cartoon.

Drugs in Your Head is a reminder of my old self. When the original flash cartoon first came out, I shared it on a bunch of forums and a lot of people I knew on a Ratchet & Clank clan forum thought this was a funny rant. So I have positive memories attached to this specific episode because of the timing of its original release. It was also more impressive as a flash cartoon in 2005 than it is a video in 2020. I can't rate the original flash cartoon here anymore, so I can only rate it as a video.

When this came out in 2005, I was a fifteen year old boy against drugs and thought this rant was hilarious. Now I'm a 31 year old man reliant on CBD oil because it's the only medication effective for the 24/7 migraine I have suffered with since 2009. The rhetoric in this cartoon used to be funny to me, but it aged poorly. There are a lot of benefits to medical marijuana. It helps with my pain, sleep, and depression issues. I'm glad both medical and recreational marijuana are legal in California.

One agreement I do have with Foamy the Squirrel is that many people are hypocrites about prescription drugs. When doctors experimented on me with prescriptions, it messed me up far worse than alcohol and weed ever did to my life. A lot of prescription drugs are dangerous, especially Topirimate (AKA Topamax). If a doctor ever recommends it, do not take that drug. It is a drug known to cause permanent memory loss and brain damage. I was never the same after taking that drug.

So yeah, Drugs in Your Head. I give a 3/5. A lot of the messaging and animation is bad, but it's not a bad cartoon. It's an entertaining video that is reflective of popular opinion from 2005. Despite how bad everything is right now, I'm glad we no longer live in the Bush years. I do not want to return to an America that is against weed. It should be legal in all 50 states and Washington, DC.

Excluding rule #2, this old episode of Neurotically Yours is more relevant than ever before thanks to the pandemic.

It's sad how the social commentary in this cartoon is still relevant today, except we have way less school shootings this year because of the pandemic closing down schools. Always loved this episode and I'm thrilled it's back on Newgrounds. ^_^

This is the best video I've watched online in awhile. I laughed a lot watching this.

First episode where Germaine talks. <3 I love these older episodes. I've seen them so many times.

This episode is such a classic. I used to watch it a lot when I was 15 years old. It's not the most well animated cartoon by any means, but it's still funny and worth watching 17 years after its initial release. That alone gives it a ton of merit. I love that these old episodes are being re-uploaded to Newgrounds. ^_^ My only complaint is that it would be awesome if the original flash version of these cartoons was included with the video uploads. These old cartoons worked really well in that format.

14 years later and this flash movie is probably the best commentary against motion tween animation on Newgrounds. It's great satire of a terrible flash cartoon series that used to be popular on this website. I never understood the success of the Toof series back then and it makes even less sense to me now. It was objectively awful.

This is the funniest thing I have watched all week and I have had a horrendous week. Thank you.

Eh, it was okay. I was hoping it would be a lot funnier. I didn't laugh or chuckle once. Some of the best jokes relied on existing memes that have been better executed elsewhere. I don't like how the characters look so pixelated. If the animation used vectors or smoothed out the edges instead, it would've been harder to animated, but it would have looked a lot better.

I went by W.A.C. (my initials) on the internet for 15 years, but I'm sick of it at this point. The whole W.A.C. / WAC / W-A-C persona I went with online as a teenager barely resembles who I am now, so I recently changed my username on Newgrounds to my actual name. I also feel like having my anonymity destroyed by friends on the internet over a decade ago ruined so much of the mystery I tried to maintain when I was younger. Coming up with a new anonymous handle would be to start over my online identity and that's just not worth it.

I liked the video, but I wish there was a bit more animation to it. The video quality also seems a bit off like I'm watching a GIF in video form. I also didn't find the video funny, but it was interesting enough as a subject matter that I don't mind that the humor fell a bit flat.

I love Newgrounds. ^_^

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